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Ice climbing

Description of the activity

Experience the excitement of ice climbing, in a group or by yourself, in and around Oz en Oisans, Vaujany, or Alpe d'Huez, where the ice waterfall offers adventures for everyone. Climbing the magnificent "Symphonie d'Automne" is the perfect way to start, then why not rappel down at sunset for an unforgettable experience? 3- and 5-day courses are proposed for beginners and the more experienced, including instruction on ice climbing equipment and technique, enabling learners to progress towards autonomy. The courses include initiation, lead/second intermediate classes and the exploration of new sectors. Each stage is adapted to weather and snow conditions, ensuring a safe, worthwhile experience. Contact the Alpe d'Huez guide office to find out more about the enticing world of ice climbing, where the unpredictability of nature brings a unique touch to every adventure.

Practical information

From beginner level
Good level of fitness required
Group sessions for up to 4 people
Outings subject to snow and weather conditions
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Group outing from €150
Individual outing from €450
Lift pass required

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