Our CSR commitment

CSR: preserving the mountains sustainably

Selective sorting, conservation of species, reduction of air pollution and noise pollution, SATA and Alpe d'Huez are committed by your side to sustainably preserve the Alpine mountains .

A resort that is committed
to sustainable development

Aware of the importance of preserving the balance of the ecosystem and biodiversity in the mountains, the SATA is committed to a real environmental approach within the resort of Alpe d'Huez . Each area of ​​action has thus become an opportunity to contribute to the good conservation of plant and animal species, but also to provide everyone with a privileged setting for discovering the mountains in optimal conditions.

With 3 ISO certifications , 6 partnerships with associations and 8 sustainable collaborations, Alpe d'Huez is also committed to measuring and limiting its environmental impact. If the new constructions and the developments of the station are carried out by taking care to preserve the wet and sensitive zones, they are also thought to be integrated fully into the natural landscape of the Alps , with in particular a revegetation of the sites after works. In addition, Alpe d'Huez monitors its carbon footprint and energy consumption. The opportunity to attest to the progress made in recent years, but also and above all to continue to invest in innovative technologies that are more respectful of the environment. 

Eco-responsible activities all year round

The SATA, in collaboration with the municipality and the library of Alpe d'Huez, organize eco-responsible activities throughout the year. Because the preservation of the environment goes above all through a duty of awakening and education , the various workshops and events offered welcome young and old for fun and educational encounters.

Discover the botanical trail
In the heart of the Sarenne gorges , the botanical trail offers you an expedition in the middle of nature, to discover more than 300 plant species .

The plant garden located at an altitude of 2,700m, and which extends to Lac Blanc, also has didactic panels to awaken young and old to biodiversity in the mountains.
Meetings of Huizates
If the municipal library of Alpe d'Huez regularly organizes round tables on environmental themes, it also offers meetings with local producers and artisans to highlight the mountain world and raise awareness of its environment. .
A unique seed bank 
Depositing, exchanging or harvesting seeds , our vegetable gardens and spaces dedicated to local specimens allow you to actively participate in the biodiversity of the alpine reliefs. At home or in the middle of nature, all you have to do is plant these plant treasures! 
station cleaning
At the end of the winter season, the resort of Alpe d'Huez organizes a major collaborative cleaning . Volunteers and volunteers share a friendly moment and allow each year to collect an average of 35 m3 of waste .