Insurance for a worry-free stay in Alpe d'Huez

Cancellation Insurance

Whether it's a summer getaway or a winter holiday, the mountains offer incomparable adventures. However, it's important to recognise that sometimes the unexpected can disrupt your well-planned plans. That's why taking out cancellation insurance is a wise decision. In the event of unexpected events, cancellation insurance gives you peace of mind and the possibility of recovering part of your holiday costs. Whether you're travelling solo, as a couple, with friends or as a family, it's the guarantee that you'll enjoy your holiday in Alpe d'Huez to the full.

Ski Insurance
Whether you're an expert skier or a beginner, the mountains offer unforgettable moments. However, it's essential to anticipate the unexpected. In winter, French ski slopes require rescue costs, plus other expenses in the event of an accident, which are often borne by the skier. Ski insurance is specially designed to give you peace of mind, tailored to the winter activities of Alpe d'Huez.

Why choose cancellation insurance?

The unexpected can happen at any time, even in the heart of the mountains. Cancellation insurance offers valuable protection. If you have to cancel your holiday due to sudden illness, injury or other covered events, this insurance allows you to recover part of the costs incurred. What's more, it also covers changes to your booking, giving you valuable flexibility. By choosing cancellation insurance, you turn uncertainty into peace of mind, allowing you to plan your holiday with confidence.

Cancellation insurance: what cover is there?

Whether it's a package, accommodation or an activity, organising your holiday in Alpe d'Huez involves a lot of costs. However, an accident occurring even before your arrival date in the resort can prevent you from enjoying your bookings. Cancellation insurance guarantees that you will be reimbursed for these expenses in the event of unforeseen circumstances both before and during your stay. During your holiday, you will also be reimbursed for services that you were unable to use because of an accident or health problem.

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IMPORTANT: In order to present you with transparent and accurate offers, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that search and/or rescue costs, medical and/or hospitalisation costs and repatriation costs are not covered by this policy. For full cover, you can take out ski insurance with your ski pass.

Why choose ski insurance?

Winter sports, as exhilarating as they are, involve inherent risks. Choosing ski insurance in Alpe d'Huez is essential to offer you comprehensive, tailored protection. Imagine a perfect day's skiing that takes an unexpected turn: a bad fall, a medical emergency on the slopes. Ski insurance comes into play where traditional insurance can fall short. By covering the cost of rescue services and medical transport, and avoiding "out-of-pocket expenses" after an intervention, it ensures that your mountain experience is free of financial worries. Opting for ski insurance means choosing peace of mind in the face of the potential challenges of winter sports, ensuring memorable moments in complete safety.

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Ski insurance: what cover is there?

At Alpe d'Huez, ski insurance offers much more than peace of mind. You're covered for on-slope rescue and initial medical transport, as well as reimbursement of your ski passes and lessons, so you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses. Don't let accidents spoil your time on the slopes. Opt for specialist insurance and ski with a clear head, knowing that you're protected against the unexpected during your stay in the mountains.

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