My Mountain Stay Insurance
a serene stay in Alpe d'Huez

In summer as in winter, there are many risks associated with the practice of sport in the mountains. In order to benefit from optimal support in the event of unforeseen events on the slopes or hiking trails, it is therefore recommended to take out insurance . The proposed offers then allow you to recover part of your accommodation costs depending on the situation. With friends, as a couple, alone or with family, you can enjoy your holidays in Alpe d'Huez more peacefully .

Why choose  mountain insurance?

Whatever your favorite activity, it is important not to neglect the risks inherent in it. Indeed, if the mountain offers you grandiose natural landscapes, it also represents a particular environment and more difficult to access. Expert or beginner , a simple fall can thus isolate you quickly and have important consequences without the intervention of help on the spot.

Technical costs are then unavoidable and generally high due to the methods used, such as winching or towing. In order to limit your financial losses following an accident or to reduce the amount of your medical bills, mountain insuranceis therefore an essential part of your preparations for a stay in the Grandes Rousses massif with peace of mind.

Mon séjour en Montagne insurance : what guarantees?

Package, accommodation or activity, the organization of your holidays in Alpe d'Huez represent many costs incurred . However, an accident occurring even before your arrival date in the resort can prevent you from enjoying your reservations. Mon Séjour en Montagne insurance guarantees  reimbursement of these expenses in the event of unforeseen circumstances before, but also during your stay in the Alps. During your holidays, the reimbursement received also corresponds to the services which you were unable to benefit from due to an accident or a health problem.

In winter, your many trips to the resort and your descents on the slopes can finally induce a risk of loss or theft.of your ski pass. If you are faced with this type of situation, Mon Séjour en Montagne insurance will then reimburse the ski pass concerned, as well as the related activities.

IMPORTANT: Anxious to present you with transparent and precise offers, we draw your attention to the fact that search and/or rescue costs, medical and/or hospitalization costs, as well as repatriation costs are not covered. by this contract. For complete cover, you can take out this type of guarantee with the resort's ski lifts or ski schools such as esf.