In the air


Activity description

Alp'in Skydive offers you the chance to enjoy an exceptional adventure. Whether you're on your own or in pairs, come and experience the thrill of free-fall during your first parachute jump - a unique and incomparable experience!
Take to the skies and discover a breathtaking panorama of the Alps at an altitude of 4800m, just like the summit of Mont Blanc... After the helicopter ride, enjoy a timeless moment with your instructor, free-falling at 200 km/h.
Something to experience at least once in your life!
When the parachute opens, fly through the snow-capped mountains, piloting the canopy together for even more thrills! Land softly, with joy and happiness in your heart!

Be careful, you might want to go back up!

Practical information

We offer our customers high-quality services to guarantee you an unforgettable skydiving experience!
Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities.
Monday to Friday until 29 March from 9.30am to 5pm


From €600 per person

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