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SPA des Alpes - Alpinotherapie®

Located at the Grandes Rousses Hotel & Spa, the Spa des Alpes is a warm and inviting setting, all wood and stone, where you can unwind for a few hours. With its 350 m2, its 100m2 "Froid & Lumière" area and its seven treatment rooms, including one for two, the Spa des Alpes invites you to enjoy each area as you wish, following the principles of Alpinotherapy. A concept based on the elements inherent to the mountains, such as altitude, cold, light, plants and minerals. The treatments and massages replenish the body and mind thanks to the richness of the surrounding nature. The sauna with views of the mountains, the grotto steam room, the ice fountain, the experience showers and the sensory pool invite you to experience a moment of total fulfilment. Discover the bath bar and its sumptuous copper bathtub, a material renowned for its conductive properties.

The "Froid & Lumière" room, bathed in natural light and offering a breathtaking view of the peaks, invites you to take a unique sensory journey. At the heart of this area are treatments using cryotherapy and photobiomodulation (or light therapy), both for the body and face.

Alpinothérapie®, a unique well-being experience

Alpinothérapie® was conceived at an altitude of 1830 metres, in the heart of Alpe d'Huez. This concept, practised exclusively at the Spa des Alpes, is inspired by the well-known practices of thalassotherapy at sea, applied to the mountains. It capitalises on five fundamental elements: altitude, cold, light, minerals and plants. Alpinothérapie® draws on the natural resources of the Oisans region to offer you a unique wellness experience. Combined with physical and spiritual activities in the Alpe d'Huez mountain pastures to reconnect you with nature, and body therapies including massage, lithotherapy, light therapy and cryotherapy, these resources multiply the benefits of a stay in the mountains.

Good to know

The Spa des Alpes is open to people aged 16 and over.
Massage from €65
Facial treatments from €70
Cryotherapy for face and body from €55
Photobiomodulation face from €40 / body from €65
Discover Alpinothérapie® from €145
Signature days from €120 for two people

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