Check out the top 4 MTB routes of the Alpe d'Huez Bike Park

Alpe d'Huez is already well known to road cyclists, but there is plenty for mountain bikers too. The area offers an almost infinite playground, with 260km tracks accessible via 10 lifts that are open all summer. Sports fans and lovers of wide-open natural landscapes can choose between downhill, high altitude enduro or simply a leisurely ride. Of course, there are also zones with jumps and modules to delight freestylers too! The not-so-fit might prefer an e-bike to make the most of the magnificent Alpine landscapes without wearing themselves out!


EN 1 - Mégavalanche

In summer, Pic Blanc is the stage for the legendary MTB race, Mégavalanche. For more than 25 years, hundreds of mountain bikers have been lining up every summer at the starting line of this unmissable race. From Pic Blanc, at an altitude of 3,300m, to the village of Allemond in the valley below, this crazy race offers a 2,600m elevation drop, attracting athletes from all over the world. It is known as the world's longest MTB enduro! 

Step into the shoes of a Mégavalanche biker!

Black level

To reach the starting line, take DMC 1 and 2, then the cable car to the top of Pic Blanc at 3,330m, which takes about 35 minutes. Depending on weather/snow conditions and your ability, allow between 1 hour and half a day for your descent.


DH - Marmotland

This is an ideal downhill track for beginners in Alpe d'Huez. Graded green, it offers a wide cyclable track and bends and turns suitable for cyclists of any age. Pass through the awe-inspiring landscapes of the resort and take a break in Mini Marmotland Park, where lines of modules for all abilities await you. Throughout the higher part of the ride, look out for marmots along the way. They sometimes play on the track, even following mountain-bikers as they go by! An unforgettable experience in an all-natural environment.

Green level

Take DMC 1 to reach the start of the track, which covers a 300m elevation drop.

3-Villard - western side

EN13 - Villard - western side

Explore this superb blue level enduro track that brings you to the resort Villard Reculas. Pass through magnificent Alpine prairies, wind your way through banked turns, and wave to the herds of sheep along the way. This track provides incredible views of the Belledonne and Taillefer mountains, and the Bourg d'Oisans valley below. As a reward for your efforts, you can take the Villarais chair lift back to Alpe d'Huez; a pleasant way to admire beautiful views over bilberry fields. This unforgettable experience combines natural surroundings with breath-taking panoramic views and peaceful moments.

Blue level

Take the Signal lift to the starting point. You can do the track several times, taking the Villarais chair lift back up, or you can use it to access the tracks that go down into the valley.

4-Tour de l'Homme and villages

XC4 - Tour de l'Homme

There are two incredible cross-country tracks in the Auris en Oisans sector. The first is graded red and second black. We recommend trying both itineraries, perhaps on an e-bike? The two tracks offer amazing views of Les Deux Alpes and the surrounding peaks. The first track ensures total safety throughout your ride; the second follows narrow mountain paths through a peaceful environment. As you progress, you will pass through the charming hamlets that make up this magnificent community. A unique experience, combining sporting effort with breath-taking landscapes.

Red level

Take EN-2 and Col de Cluy to reach the start of the tracks in the Auris en Oisans sector.

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