Check out the top 4 hikes in Alpe d'Huez

If you are spending your holiday in the mountains, at high altitude, the chances are that you want to roam marked paths, to explore on foot this earthy ground that was covered with snow until just a few weeks ago. You want to smell the essence of the pines and other tree species, spot a marmot or two among the rocks, admire the Alpine flowers, their colours and healing properties, seek out the cool freshness of a lake glinting like a diamond in the sun... Walking is a simple, instinctive activity that anyone can do. And Alpe d'Huez has a plethora of walking options to choose from. 

1-Exploring Villard Reculas

Alpe d'Huez - Villard Reculas

Enjoy a superb walk that starts in Alpe d'Huez. Pass through a peaceful, shady forest and admire the beautiful view of Alpe d'Huez. Take a break in Villard Reculas, a charming mountain village, and immerse yourself in its authentic atmosphere. Your trip will take you via Signal and Radar and their breath-taking panoramic views. To complete your adventure, take the Villarais chair life back to Alpe d'Huez to give you a rest and allow you to appreciate the lovely views over the bilberry fields. This escapade combines nature with cultural discovery and restful breaks in a beautifully picturesque setting.


From the Signal lift, head towards Radar, before plunging into the forest to reach Villard Reculas; take the Villarais chair lift back.

2-Lac Blanc and the Alpine garden

Lac Blanc and the Alpine garden

This medium altitude hike should definitely be on your "to do" list for your summer stay in Alpe d’Huez. The circuit, easily accessed via the DMC lifts, offers a magnificent panoramic view of the marvels of the Grandes Rousses mountains (Muzelle, Belledonne and Taillefer) in a wild, rocky landscape. It takes you to the Lac Blanc lake and the Alpine garden. The atmosphere on this vast natural plateau is like no other. The Alpine garden was created thirty years ago by the Alpe d'Huez landscaping teams, and offers a fun, educational introduction to mountain plant life. Along the Lac Blanc footpath, hikers have dozens of species at their feet, including the Alpine Pansy, Mountain Arnica, Bog Bilberry,  Brown Clover and Alpine Lady's Mantle.


At the bottom of DMC 2, follow the path to Lac Blanc. The Alpine garden is at the top of DMC 2.

3-Lac de la Fare hike

La Fare lake

This hike offers a "high altitude" atmosphere without being too exhausting! Pass through rocky landscapes, where chamois roam free, along a mostly easy route with a few stony passages. This route brings you to the south of the Petites Rousses plateau, where the lakes glitter like natural jewels, reflecting their emerald green hues against the mineral background. These lakes, which have only be around for about two centuries, were formed by the glaciers. Because they are so recent, geologically speaking, vegetation is rare, as the soil cover is thin and of poor quality. Prepare for a unique, captivating experience in the wilderness, set deep in an exceptional mountain landscape.


From the bottom of DMC 2, follow the path to Lac de la Fare (OBP 263). You can come back via Dome des Rousses or Alpette.

4-Les Avachis footpath

Les Avachis

A beautiful itinerary for experienced hikers with a multitude of view points over the lakes, the resort and the surrounding peaks. A few precipitous, more technical passages require a certain level of hiking expertise. Along the route, benches invite you to take a break before spectacular panoramic views. Educational signs provide information about the mountains, and the animal and plant life. The route ends at the DMC 2 station at an altitude of 2,700m. To quench your thirst, stop off at Café Alpin, the pastel blue three-wheeler café manned by a genuine barista.


From the bottom of DMC 2, follow the signs for the footpath.

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