Explore the fun slopes of Alpe d'Huez

While strong sensations might be the ultimate stars of winter sports in Alpe d'Huez, beginners and leisure skiers have not been forgotten either. The resort’s fun ski slopes propose an exceptional playground for skiers seeking entertainment. Enjoy this fun approach to skiing during your stay, exploring the routes equipped with amusing modules. These distractions will delight budding skiers.

1-Marcel's Farm

Marcel's Farm

- Marcel's Farm

In winter, Marcel and his friends usually take refuge in the valley, but this year, Marcel has broken with tradition

This amusing slope is all about family fun with Marcel’s Farm. The slope is dotted with colourful attractions, such as whoops, tunnels to ski through, slaloms, jumps and characters to share fun and frolics with family and friends.

Sensations and memories for all ages!

Pink run

From Rond point des Pistes, take the Signal lift at 1,800m to the top and take the slope on the right. Glide and slide with Marcel and his friends.

2-Les Bergers

Chez Roger

- Roger the Shepherd

Explore Roger’s unique green run that has been transformed in a huge merry playground with its “cool boardercross”! Get ready to slalom and jump the sheep, but remember to keep control of your speed!

Meet up with Roger and his friends this winter on the "Baaa-est" slope in Alpe d'Huez!

Green run

From Rond point des Pistes, take either the Jeux or DMC lift to the top of the slope. Enjoy skiing down with Roger’s sheep.

3- Les Bucherons

- Jacques the woodcutter

Welcome to the world of Jacques, woodcutter extraordinaire! He knows the forest of Auris like the back of his hand and, in winter, it becomes a camp ground for a whole host of forest creatures. Jacques has prepared an adventure for skiers of all ages, with some weird and wonderful contraptions: a wooden sledge for wild descents, a stère of wood to measure your fun in cubic metres, a two-man saw turned see-saw, a wood sculpture to show the artistic side of the woodcutters, and even a shaky log slalom.

Are you ready for Jacques’ world of woodcutting, where skiing becomes a wood-erful adventure!

Green run

Auris ski area. Take the Sures lift to the start of this incredible adventure.

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